Eagle Eye Protection - We Watch Your Roof So You Don't Have To

Eagle Eye Protection = Eagle Status Customer

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Eagle Eye Inspections

Eagle Eye comprehensive visual surveys cover the entire exterior of your roof system, including related sheet metal work. Our accomplished inspectors have a keen sense of where to look for deterioration and damage that threatens the watertight integrity of your roof. Some problems are evident, and some are hidden to the inexperienced eye. Having a professional inspection will pay for itself many times over.

Eagle Eye Maintenance

Typically, inspections aren't enough - you will likely need to act on what the inspection uncovers. If you also choose to employ our Eagle Eye Maintenance Program, we may perform necessary repairs and maintenance at the time of the inspection. This will save you time and money, and ensure that fixes are made quickly, before they turn into trouble.

Eagle Eye Affordability

No roof lasts forever, but with Kato Roofing's Eagle Eye Protection, it may seem that way. By paying close and continual attention to your roof's condition, Kato Roofing can take positive, proactive steps to prolong the service life of your roof system, greatly reducing typical life cycle costs. Without Eagle Eye Protection, however, your roof is out-of-sight and not likely to receive the kind of routine inspection that prevents easy fixes from becoming costly headaches.

Kato Roofing's Eagle Eye Protection Program is ready to start looking out for you. It's the program that never stops working, and all it takes is a phone call to start. 1.800.840.2556


Eagle Eye Protection